Submit your work to our ARTIST & TALENT CALL 2016 – 

It has always been our goal to discover, support and promote talented contemporary artists, by providing them a unique and exciting opportunity to exhibit their work to a wider audience, gaining local, national and international recognition.

We believe that Art Has No Limits & Takes Any Form™ and we prove it with each one of our events over and over. Each year Art Soiree curates over 150 shows featuring visual art, design, digital art, sculpture, film, fashion, music, theatre, performance and just about any art form imaginable. These events are truly multidisciplinary, challenging fixed boundaries of artistic disciplines and stimulating interaction between any and every possible artistic genre.

While working with artists of any career stage, a significant portion of Art Soiree’s work is dedicated to emerging and mid-career artists, giving them the chance to display their work.

The artists selected for each of the show represent the diversity of talent and demonstrate creativity in a wide variety of media. Selected artists are guided through the exhibition/performance process and provided promotional assistance.

We are here to motivate you and help you create more art. So please let us know what we can do to help showcase your talents.

If you are interested in participating in our ongoing or upcoming shows please fill out our Artist Form – 

Submission are open to all forms of art, all medium and genres.




ARTISTIC FUSION SERIES (Summer 2016)- We are excited to announce that we will host weekly artistic fusion events starting June 4, 2016. The series will run every Saturday and will consist of unique weekly shows presenting a true fusion of live art and coming together of many styles under one roof.  Artists, performers and talents of different genres are invited to create new art works through live collaborations and showcase their work in front of invited audiences throughout the creative process.

ANNUAL ARTISTIC SHOWS/FESTIVALS (Summer-Fall 2016) – In addition to weekly series’ exhibitions and performance shows Art Soiree hosts a number of annual events and festivals such as Fete de la MusiqueArt All Night DC FestivalPolitical Cartoonist Exhibit, Art Metamorphosis Festival, Midsummer Night’s Dream Show, Bastille Day Celebration, Single Valentine Show, Mardi Gras Masquerade, Winter Wonderland Show and Puttin’ on the Ritz – New Year’s Eve Celebration. These events attract anywhere from 800 to 11,000 attendees, and bring hundreds of creative minds together.

FINE ART SERIES (Fall 2016-Winter 2017) – The goal behind the Fine Art Series is to provide up and coming artists with a unique opportunity for a solo show. The new series will commence September 2016, for those interested in being considered for solo exhibit as part of FINE ART SERIES please submit your information no later than July 20th! Please note that you have to have at least 20 medium size pieces (15 large pieces) ready to exhibit. Contact for any additional details.

Mediums: photography, painting, printing, sculpture, etc. Each show attracts between 300 to 800 attendees.

***Unlike a typical art gallery, we do not charge artists management fees or commission on any of the artwork sales, rather, act as a fee free independent artist publicist.***