Hillary vs Trump Cartoon Debate

Hillary vs Trump Cartoon Debate


Get the latest overview of the presidential candidates and insight into the hottest debate topics through the artistic commentary by most renowned editorial cartoonists at the Annual Political Cartoons Show curated by Art Soiree and benefiting Cartoonists Rights Network International (CRNI).

KEVIN “KAL” KALLAUGHER (The Economist), TOM TOLES (Washington Post), MATT WUERKER (Politico), ANN TELNAES (Washington Post), STEVE ARTLEY (Connection Newspapers), DARYL CAGLE (The Cagle Post),  MIKE LESTER (Mike du Jour/The Washington Post Writers Group), MICHAEL P. RAMIREZ (Daily Signal/The Weekly Standard& RICK McKEE (The Augusta Chronicle)

TICKETS: $20 online only – https://cartoonexhibit.eventbrite.com

Explore the cartoons on display, meet some of the artists behind the artwork and get a chance to purchase a signed print* during this one night exhibit!

Editorial cartoons are unlike any other form of commentary. For over 500 years the art of political cartoons has been used to convey social and political messages through the use of images familiar to all of the people in a society.

*For the third year in a row this event will benefit CARTOONISTS RIGHTS NETWORK INTERNATIONAL (CRNI). 100% of all sold prints will go directly to CRNI a 501(c)3 non-profit. CRNI defends the creative freedom and human rights of political cartoonists under threat throughout the world.  cartoonistsrights.org

ATTIRE: Cocktail or Business Casual

As for any other event tickets are non-refundable unless the event is cancelled.

Art Soiree has no political affiliation, endorses no political party, accepts no funds from governments or any political party. It’s not about political ideologies, nor party lines. This exhibit is not left, It’s not right. It’s a creative take on the issues of the time and essense.