About Us

“Art is the most amazing way how we express ourselves as humans…At Art Soiree we believe that Art Has No Limits and Takes Any Form. We prove it with each one of our events over and over.” – Sandro, Founder of Art Soiree

As the premier local art curators and producers, we pride ourselves in showcasing and working with some of the best local talents to encourage in their creativity and create new platforms to experience art for artists and audiences alike.

Art Soiree is a Washington, DC based organization that is committed to curating, conceiving and realizing contemporary art exhibitions, festivals and art projects. Art Soiree was founded in 2009 by a dynamic duo of Sandro & Tati, and has since presented over 400 unique exhibitions and programs featuring over 500 contemporary artists, and bringing together close to 170,000 attendees. The company has also represented D.C. artists at a number of national and international art showcases such as Art Basel Miami 2012 and SXSW 2013.

As we continue to nurture and promote the most talented artists, Art Soiree also offers its full production and artistic marketing services to private and business clients, working with each one to create a unique program and experience that achieves their goals and connects their brand with the target audience. Check our Services section for details. 

Art Soiree is a limited liability company that uses its for-profit efficiencies to achieve socially beneficial goals and support local arts. It relies entirely on the commitment of people who are involved and wish to become involved in our work, and operates primarily on the energy of volunteers and artists.

We are here to bring more art into our everyday living.