Artist Talk: Diana Ludet at Fine Art Series

As Diana Ludet gets ready to showcase her latest collection The Horizon: Being Without Seeking at Art Soiree’s Fine Art Series Friday, October 3rd, we had the privilege to delve into the mind of the artist:

Diana Ludet Pic 2a

What is the best part of being an artist?  

By far, it is being in the act of painting.

Why do you paint?

To ask why I paint is to ask why does the tree grow, the sun rise, the wave crash, the snowflake fall.  It is beyond a need, a desire, an addiction.  It is essence.  It is my most natural state.

How long have you been painting?

38 years and possibly two other lifetimes.

What do you hope for your art?  

To be influential and enduring, to cause definitive moments for the perceiver.

What does the horizon represent to you?  

The horizon expresses possibility & potential – the open – yes – imagination – uncertainty – surprise, the new – the seeking & finding – the grandness of life – where I am going, I am & have been. ?????????????????????????????????

The Horizon: Being Without Seeking | A collection of fifteen paintings by Diana Ludet comes together for Art Soiree’s Fine Art Series one evening only, Friday, October 3, 3014 8pm-12am at the Ritz-Carlton, Georgetown. FREE, RSVP –