“Shine Bright” – Washington Life Magazine (Dec 2015)

Something we had to keep under the covers is finally out! The December issue of Washington Life Magazine is already on the newsstands. So make sure to grab a copy and turn to page 70 for a true Holiday Spectacular!

With artistic direction by Sandro and bodypaint by Nena Depaz, Art Soiree team created a moving body canvas for Washington Life’s holiday fashion shoot. The final result exceeded all the expectations and needless to say we were thrilled to be a part of this Holiday jewelry shoot and work with all the talented professionals!

(Photography by Tony Powell, Wardrobe by Will Lawry, Body Art – artistic direction by Sandro & bodypaint by Nena Depaz of Art Soiree, Makeup by Teresa Foss-del Rosso, Hair by Kennisha Ford, Manicure by Angel Turner, Models: Marisa Pavik & Gionna Galati, Managing Editor Laura Wainman, Editorial Assistant Erica Tropp)

WL 12/2015 Shine Bright

WL 12/2015 Shine Bright 2

WL 12/2015 Shine Bright 3

Washington Life Magazine Dec 2015